1. ----Are 'Pretoria' and 'Bengal Tiger' the same canna?

      Canna 'Pretoria'   Canna 'Pretoria' is one of the most widely recognized variegated cannas.  You may know it as Pretoria or as Bengal Tiger.  They are two names for the same variety.  A third, and less common, name is canna 'Striata'. Unfortunately, it is quite common for canna varieties to have more than one name.  There is not a...
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  2. ----Boston Common Inspiration

    ----Boston Common Inspiration
    Cannas make powerful statements in many areas of Boston Common.   Pretoria and Musifolia at Old South Church in Boston   We spent a few days in Boston this summer and saw cannas everywhere!  Boston Common has many displays of cannas mixed with grasses, lantana, zinnias, snapdragons, elephant ears, salvia, periwinkles and more.  Cannas are planted both as eye...
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