1. ----Double Duty at the Farm: Planting and Shipping

    You may notice a shortened availability list on our availability page.  We are sold out of several varieties for this season.  But please do not think our remaining availability are our less popular varieties.  In fact, it's almost the opposite.  Australia, Cleopatra, Pretoria and Red Futurity are some of our best selling varieties, just to name a few!  Southern states...
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  2. ----Knee Deep in Shipping Season

    Many of our customers in the south started receiving their cannas last month. We're currently shipping our cannas to the warmer states, and gradually moving our way north as the temperatures rise! Oklahoma was extremely mild this winter. Cannas left in the ground in our flowerbeds (right next to the brick foundation on the south side of the house) are...
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  3. ----One Month Until Shipping Season 2012 Begins!

    Due to the unseasonably warm winter we are experiencing, it REALLY is almost time to start shipping cannas. (It was in the mid 70's here in Oklahoma today!) Our warm-weathered, southern friends should receive their cannas first as their soil temperatures are conducive to healthy growing cannas. Then we'll quickly begin shipping cannas further north as the spring warms. REMEMBER...
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  4. ----Battling the Drought

    We don't know about your weather, but the intense drought engulfing the southern plains this summer has been almost unbearable. The East Coast is facing a hurricane, while other parts of the country have had too much rain. We are most thankful to have irrigation!  The end of our growing season is near as we begin harvesting in October. Look...
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  5. ----Thank you!

    We are in the middle of our spring shipping season and want to stop a minute and just say, "Thank You!" We have some of the most wonderful customers, both old and new. Many, many of you have ordered from us for years.  And many of you are trying our cannas for the first time. We love what we do...
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  6. ----Our Spring 2011 Shipping Season is Almost Here

    It's cold in Oklahoma but our barns are warm and toasty as we prepare our canna rhizomes for spring shipment. Shipping season kicks off Monday, February 14, 2011. We recommend planting cannas when soil temperatures are 60 degrees or above. For Oklahoma this means spring planting begins April 1st. When you place an order on our site you have the...
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