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  1. ----Do you have to dig cannas in the winter?

    Fall Harvest at Horn Canna Farm   Cannas are known for summer-long color even on the hottest of days.  Cannas pump out color when other flowers are in the survival modes of late July and early August heat waves.  They even bloom well into late fall in many parts of the country.  Yes, cannas are all that and more! ...
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  2. ----Canna or Canna Lily? Which is the correct name?

    Canna 'Red King Humbert' shines above lime green sweet potato vines.   Cannas?  Canna lilies?  What do I call these tall, showy plants that bloom all summer? Excellent Question! We hear this very question often.  The name canna comes from the Greek word kanna.  It means reed or reed-like plant.  Cannas are best known for their flashy blooms that...
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  3. ----Are 'Pretoria' and 'Bengal Tiger' the same canna?

      Canna 'Pretoria'   Canna 'Pretoria' is one of the most widely recognized variegated cannas.  You may know it as Pretoria or as Bengal Tiger.  They are two names for the same variety.  A third, and less common, name is canna 'Striata'. Unfortunately, it is quite common for canna varieties to have more than one name.  There is not a...
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  4. ----How to Plant Cannas: Quick and Easy Guide

    Plant cannas in the spring when soil temps warm to 60 degrees.   Planting cannas is super easy and so rewarding when their big, beautiful blooms are rocking your flowerbeds all summer long. The first step is pick an area of that receives at least four hours of direct sunlight.  Cannas easily grow in full or partial sun, as...
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  5. ----Canna Rhizomes or Canna Bulbs? A common question!

    What is the correct term for cannas?  Are they rhizomes?  Are they bulbs?  We are often asked what is the correct way to refer to cannas in bare root form.  Cannas are commonly referred to as a bulb although they are not a true bulb.  Cannas multiply beneath the soil from a fattened extension of the stalk called a rhizome...
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