What is the correct term for cannas?  Are they rhizomes?  Are they bulbs?  We are often asked what is the correct way to refer to cannas in bare root form.  Cannas are commonly referred to as a bulb although they are not a true bulb.  Cannas multiply beneath the soil from a fattened extension of the stalk called a rhizome.

Webster's definition of rhizome is "a somewhat elongated usually horizontal subterranean plant stem that is often thickened by deposits of reserve food material, produces shoots above and roots below, and is distinguished from a true root in possessing buds, nodes, and usually scale like leaves."  A rhizome is a storage house for protein and starches that the plant will use in the future.  You often find the words rhizome and bulb used interchangeably in our literature and on our website.  Cannas are often referred to as bulbs by gardeners and the horticulture industry.  Canna bulbs, although not correct, has found its place in regular conversation.


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