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Firebird Canna
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Firebird Canna

Crimson-red blooms and forest green foliage make Firebird an ideal plant for your summer garden. 

  • Loves the Sun
  • Fiery Red Blooms
  • Easy Way to Add a Mass of Color to Your Yard

Firebird is one of our truest red blooming cannas.  It has been a favorite for years!  Great planted in mass for a punch of red or in a container with trailing plants.

Interesting Notes About Firebird Canna

Firebird was Grandma Louise Horn's favorite canna!

Characteristics & Attributes for Firebird Canna

  • Height

    • Dwarf
  • Foliage Color

    • Green
    • Forest Green
  • Bloom Shape

    • Clusters
    • Tapered Petals
  • Exposure

    • Full Sun (4+ Hours Daily)

Attributes of Firebird Canna

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