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Yellow Futurity Canna
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Yellow Futurity Canna

Yellow Futurity's self cleaning feature is an added bonus to its colorful charm!

  • Yellow Futurity is Self Cleaning
  • Loves Heat and Humidity
  • Adds Tropical Flair to the Garden

Cannas provide quite a bang for your buck especially when they are self cleaning like Yellow Futurity.  This variety has a little softer shade of yellow than some of our other yellow blooming cannas.  Lovely when planted with orange, red or purple-flowered perennials for a great complimentary color scheme.

Characteristics & Attributes for Yellow Futurity Canna

  • Height

    • Dwarf
  • Foliage Color

    • Green
    • Forest Green
  • Bloom Shape

    • Heavy Clusters
    • Clusters
    • Wide Petals
  • Exposure

    • Full Sun (4+ Hours Daily)
  • Attributes

    • Self Cleaning

Attributes of Yellow Futurity Canna

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