About Us

Horn Canna Farm, Inc. is one of the largest growers of canna bulbs in the world.

Our story began in the early 1920's when Great Grandma Frances Horn received six canna bulbs from her aunt in Arkansas. It was not long and cannas were taking up a large portion of the family's vegetable garden.

Great Grandpa John Horn began taking cannas on his daily vegetable routes to surrounding towns in 1928. Even though times were challenging, his canna sales grew and became a substantial income for their family.

The same as today, only the very best bulbs were personally selected for Grandpa's daily sales run. At the young age of 15, (Grandpa) Neil Horn traded his parents, John and Frances, a Jersey calf for the rights to the canna business.

There have been many changes throughout the years but one thing has not changed! Our number one goal is to sell large, top quality cannas and back up our sales with exceptional, friendly service.

Our Founders, John and Frances Horn

Today, Horn canna bulbs are shipped throughout the United States. This achievement is the direct result of the hard work and pioneer instinct of Neil and Louise Horn. From inventing and building all the equipment used in production, to drilling and installing the first irrigation system in Caddo County, they were truly pioneers in the canna industry.

Neil and Louise are both gone, but the family owned business of growing superb cannas continues.

Jolene Horn Snow, daughter of Neil and Louise, and her husband Butch took the pioneering instincts of her parents and added many improvements, streamlining the harvesting process and traveling outside of Oklahoma for sales.

Dustin and Nikki Snow joined the business in 1994, adding computers to help with ordering and shipments. The next fourteen years saw two generations of Horn family working side by side to grow the farm to 120 acres and over 30 varieties. Jolene and Butch retired from the daily farm operations in 2008. Dustin and Nikki, fourth generation owners, are proud of the heritage built by the intuition and hard work of their family before them.

Dustin and Nikki have five children and together they help continue the family's legacy that began over 80 years ago. Dustin and Nikki continue with building and improving equipment and harvesting techniques, improving soil quality and acquiring and growing new varieties. There is always work to be done!

Neil J. Horn, age 15, sitting on his new car purchased with money from bulb sales.