Black Knight Canna
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Black Knight Canna

Medium (4 feet)

Velvety, deep red blooms and burgandy foliage with slight green veining create a unique and gorgeous canna. 

Interesting Notes About Black Knight Canna

Black Knight was one of our most popular varieties for many years. We oversold it too many times and were left with fewer and fewer plants. We are so excited Black Knight is available once again.

Characteristics & Attributes for Black Knight Canna

  • Height

    • Dwarf
    • Medium
  • Foliage Color

    • Bronze
  • Foliage Growth

    • Normal
  • Bloom Shape

    • Reflexed petals
    • Heavy Clusters
  • Self Cleaning

    • Yes
  • Attributes

    • Mass Plant

Attributes of Black Knight Canna

Pricing for Black Knight Canna

Please order in multiples of 3.
Minimum Order is $30.00.

Pricing Tiers Price Per Three
3-45 $4.80
48-96 $3.57
99+ $2.70

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